Prince Harry brings hacking claim against Sun publisher

Byline Investigates have today revealed that the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, has brought a claim against News Group Newspapers, publisher of The Sun (and formerly the News of the World), and Mirror Group Newspapers for alleged phone hacking.


How the practice of phone hacking occurred, persisted, and was covered up for so long was to be investigated in Part Two of the Leveson Inquiry.  That Part was cancelled by the Government in March 2018 against the wishes of working journalists (as represented by the NUJ), victims of press abuse, the Inquiry Chairman Sir Brian Leveson himself, and the majority of respondents to the Government’s own consultation.


Hacked Off Policy Manager Nathan Sparkes said,


“Today’s news that Prince Harry has initiated proceedings against publishers for The Sun and the Daily Mirror for alleged phone hacking shows how much more of the phone hacking scandal may yet reach the public domain.


“Instead of getting to the bottom of phone hacking and press illegality by completing the Leveson Inquiry, the Government instead chose to turn its back on the victims of press abuse and the general public by suppressing the second half of that inquiry fewer than 18 months ago after extensive lobbying from newspaper editors and executives.


“The Government should abandon attempts to curry favour with newspaper publishers and stand up for the thousands of people across the country who have been the victims of illegal or otherwise abusive press behaviour, by establishing Part Two of the Leveson Inquiry and implementing the recommendations of Part One without further delay.”




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