Press Release: UK papers publish disturbing videos relating to Ms Millane’s murder.

UK papers publish disturbing videos relating to Ms Millane’s murder.


Hacked Off Director Kyle Taylor said:


“First and foremost, these videos are an appalling intrusion into the grief and shock of Ms Millane’s family. Secondly, they risk identifying several individuals shown in the videos – including the defendant whose identity is subject to a court order. The videos are voyeuristic and you can’t even opt out of watching them – they autoplay without consent. When women face disproportionate levels of violence in society, newspapers should be responsible when reporting on violence against women.”


Level Up, a women’s rights charity, issued guidelines for reporting on violence against women with IPSO’s ostensible support.


One guideline reads:


Dignity: Avoid sensationalising language, invasive or graphic details that compromise the dignity of the dead woman or her surviving family members.


We believe these videos clearly contravene this!


“Of course, a competent regulator would investigate, but IPSO will not. In all likelihood it will only take any action if Ms Millane’s parents personally take the time to initiate the arduous complaints process with IPSO themselves. IPSO stand idly by while the press callously invade the lives of grieving people.”




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