Unelected: the insidious influence of Rupert Murdoch at the heart of Government




Hacked Off can today reveal, after an analysis of Government transparency data, that employees of Murdoch’s newspapers met with Government Ministers or their advisors a staggering 206 times in the last 2 years. This includes editors and executives working for The Times, Sunday Times and the Sun newspapers.


Through a series of revealing and alarming findings, this publication sets out Hacked Off research exposing the extent of Rupert Murdoch’s access to the UK Government and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


The detail of what was discussed at these meetings has not been published.


Sir Brian Leveson, in the first part of his Report, said that the detail of any media policy matters discussed at these meetings should be published. This recommendation has been ignored by the Government.


Instead, Mr Murdoch’s employees are able to lobby the Government for policy favours – on media policy, but also in other policy areas – in near total secrecy.


The research, set out in graphics below, shows that:


  • There were 206 meetings between Murdoch company staff & Government in last two years

  • 5 personal meetings between Rupert Murdoch & Ministers 2018-19

  • Murdoch met Boris Johnson three times in last two years, and twice since becoming Prime Minister

  • 42 meetings between Murdoch people and Johnson’s administration in his first six months

  • 3 meetings between Murdoch and the Government in Johnson’s first six months as PM

  • 72 hours after the General Election result was announced, Murdoch and Boris met



These findings are based on government transparency data which can be downloaded from Gov.UK, and is reproduced here.

News UK reach is sourced here.


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