Victims of phone hacking scandal to meet Deputy Prime Minister

The family of murder victim Milly Dowler whose mobile was hacked, ex-Met police commander Brian Paddick, and phone hacking victim Nicola Phillips and members of the Hacked Off campaign team, are meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to press for stronger, clearer, and faster action for the proposed inquiry into phone hacking.

The meeting was requested by Hacked Off – a Campaign Group of victims of phone hacking and supportive lawyers, journalists and politicians.

The meeting, on Monday, July 11, at 9am, in the Cabinet Office, follows a statement by the Prime Minister Friday announcing two inquiries following the News of the World hacking revelations, in addition to the ongoing criminal investigation by the police.

Sally Dowler, attending with the family’s lawyer Mark Lewis, said: “I am pleased that Mr Clegg has agreed to meet us at such short notice. We just want all the party leaders to listen to what those of us who have experienced this scandal first-hand have to say.”

Brian Paddick said: “We will say to Nick Clegg that these enquiries must be thorough and they must be started without delay, the public will expect nothing less.”

Martin Moore, Director of the Media Standards Trust, which is co-ordinating the Hacked Off campaign, said: “The government needs to take immediate steps to set up a full public inquiry, under the Inquiries Act of 2005, with terms of reference wide enough to include not just the press and police, but politicians as well.”

Mark Lewis, a solicitor who represents several of the victims of hacking, said: “Successive Governments have so far failed on this issue and so politicians need to listen to the victims of the phone-hacking scandal before deciding their course of action among themselves.”

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Philip Robinson, Professional Engineerreply
July 13, 2011 at 9:21 am

This sounds good, but how can we trust that these enquiries will not be another cover up.

How can we trust politicians who have been defrauding the public purse for decades, have been filmed negotiating backhanders (Geof Hoon), have been “sexing up dossiers” and “hiding bad news”. Our civil servants being “economical with the truth”.

How can we trust the police when they have been implicated taking payments and “fees” for accident insurance fraud, whose senior officers are members of secret society’s with funny handshakes?

Even the Royals have been at it with Sarah, Duchess of York filmed negotiating fees to give access to Prince Andrew, he himself having some very suspicious liaisons with criminals and far eastern contacts.

How do we know that the Judiciary are squeaky clean, can we trust them? How deep into the fabric of our nation has this parasite burrowed?

We used to think that corruption was something that happened in other countries, like Italy with its Mafia, South America with its drug cartels, the USA with its big corporations. We used to think our politicians were a rabble but at least an honest lot and our British Bobbys – “aren’t they wonderful”.

Well its about time the stable was cleared out!

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