WATCH NOW: Former Australian PM Kevin Rudd in conversation with Hacked Off, introduced by Hugh Grant

Hacked Off are delighted to present an exclusive in conversation, with Former Australian Prime Minister KEVIN RUDD and Hacked Off Board Director Professor STEVEN BARNETT.

Kevin Rudd was the 26th Prime Minister of Australia, an office he held from 2007 – 2010 and again in 2013. As a former leader of a country where Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is dominant, Mr Rudd provides a unique perspective, from his own personal experiences, of Murdoch’s influence in politics, democracy and society more broadly.

Introducing Mr Rudd is actor, campaigner and Hacked Off Board Director HUGH GRANT.

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Kevin Rudd and Hugh Grant’s words show us what we are up against.

Murdoch – a figure accused of being powerful enough to manipulate governments, and our own Prime Minister – accused of disregarding the interests of the public and victims of press abuse, in favour of giving Murdoch and other press executives what they want.

We believe believe that media policy should be based on what is in the interests of the public, not press barons.

We rely on people like you to make a difference.

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December 23, 2020 at 7:12 pm

What a brave, calm and eloquent man Kevin Rudd is. Heartening to hear his Labour Party policies and how he stood up to Murdoch so well. Such integrity. He makes clear that democracy is already seriously corrupted by Murdoch’s control of the governments of America, Australia and the UK. That same corruption stopped the Leveson Enquiry here. Great that the Aussie public are joining forces to challenge Murdoch’s autocracy, but it took climate change to arrive on their doorstep. I despair at our Labour Party politics – Jeremy Corbyn would have had the same integrity as Kevin Rudd in facing Murdoch. Instead the Labour Party centre right are tuning up for their turn at Murdoch’s table come the next election.

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