The poll results the Sun didn’t want you to know

The YouGov Poll commissioned by The Sun, published today on p.6 and headlined “State-run watchdog will gag free press: 75% of Brits see threat to the papers” also found a result less sympathetic to vested interests in the newspaper industry.

Asked to what extent, if at all, would you trust newspapers to set up a fair system of press regulation?

Percentage of the public that trust newspapers a lot: 1%

Percentage of the public that trust newspapers a fair amount: 26%

Percentage of the public that do not trust newspapers a lot or at all: 63%

See the full YouGov poll results here.

Responding to the finding, Professor Brian Cathcart, Director of Hacked Off, said:

This is another example of selective and biased reporting of the debate over press regulation that we have seen in most of the national press.

The newspapers are under scrutiny and surely have an obligation to present the facts fully and fairly to their readers.

The finding on trust levels is a damning one, which supports earlier polls showing the public no longer believe they can rely on the press to police itself and want a new regulator, independent of both politicians and the newspaper industry.

To see the results of the Hacked Off, the Media Standards Trust and YouGov poll click here.
To see the results of the Carnegie Trust and Demos poll click here.

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