YouGov/MST poll finds public "utterly reject" press bosses' plan – Gerry McCann

Commenting on the release of a YouGov poll commissioned by the Media Standards Trust, which shows that the public support the parliamentary royal charter over the press bosses’ version by a factor of nearly 4-1, Gerry McCann said:

“There is a simple choice before us: the press proprietors’ plan or the plan suggested by Leveson and backed by Parliament.

“This poll confirms that the public utterly rejects the proprietors’ scheme and wants Leveson instead. They want something effective and independent, something that will protect them from the kinds of abuses we’ve seen in recent years.

“The poll also shows that people are fed up waiting for this change.

“The Privy Council needs to see these figures and realise that it’s time to end the political manoeuvring and put the Leveson plan into action.”

Link to poll report.

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